Acquisition Management - Services required under this SIN involve all of the planning, budgetary, contract and systems/program management functions required to procure and/or produce, render operational and provide life cycle support (maintenance, repair, supplies, engineering specific logistics) to technology-based systems, activities, subsystems, projects, etc. Typical associated tasks include, but are not limited to, operation and maintenance, program/project management, technology transfer/insertion, training, privatization, and outsourcing.


Configuration Management - VRI’s approach to CM is to collect and maintain a complete, accurate database of all network and system assets (configurations, updates, process & procedure).


C4ISR - assisting modern warfare's mission effectiveness through systems and services external to a weapons system via command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.


Enterprise Architecture - When implemented within the framework of a strategic information plan, information systems become a valuable strategic asset. With a large corporate investment in IS, deciding which information systems to develop, and when, must be carefully evaluated. This ensures that your IS investment is aligned with long-range business goals. VRI has experts in designing, developing, updating and maintaining enterprise information technology architectures in commercial and government environments. Our approach to development of Enterprise Architectures includes developing systems with an enterprise wide view, identifying the most critical information needs, developing database strategies, maximizing business opportunities through new technologies, and establishing meaningful business metrics to measure system progress.


Enterprise Management - Managing distributed networks and systems to ensure service level compliance is challenging to any organization.  VRI provides solutions that proactively detects problems and corrects them before there is any service degradation to the user.


Independent Review - VRI provides senior independent consultants to serve on advisory and review panels for our government customers.  A cadre of retired flag offices with combat operations and material development backgrounds and retired senior civilians with both industry and government experience is available for immediate assignment to conduct systems assessments, independent program reviews and serve on panels and boards.  The current list includes former four-star commanders, former three-star Heads of Defense Agencies, major weapon systems Program Mangers, and former senior administration officials, including Presidential advisors.   Additional individuals can be quickly identified and added to the standing list when needed to address particular requirements for other skills or experience.  All personnel performing in this role are carefully screened for Organizational Conflicts of Interest and agree to sign applicable Non-disclosure/Proprietary Information Agreements.  In this role, VRI has provided senior personnel to support tasking from OSD, the Missile Defense Agency, USSTRATCOM, USNORTHCOM, and the US Air Force and has managed independent assessment review groups for OSD, the Missile Defense Agency and the Joint National Integration Center.


Information Assurance - establish security policies and procedures that ensure protection on an ongoing basis, lead the customer implementing security measures to prevent and combat threats, use advanced tools and products to detail security issues, and develop integrated solutions to mitigate network and system security problems.


Information Technology -  VRI has provided Information Technology (IT) Services since its founding in 1984We specialize in systems analysis and engineering technical support and services; management information systems design, development and network management; acquisition support, modeling and simulation development services; and specialized engineering, research and development and IT services.

IV&V - performed in tandem with software development VRI will uncover high-risk errors early, giving the customer time to evolve a comprehensive solution rather than forcing them into a makeshift fix to accommodate software deadlines. VRI IV&V provides management with visibility into the quality and progress of the development effort that is continuous and comprehensive, not just at major review milestones.

Logistics - Analysis, planning and detailed design of all engineering specific logistics support including material goods, personnel, and operational maintenance and repair of systems throughout their life cycles. Typical associated tasks include, but are not limited to, ergonomic/human performance analysis, feasibility analysis, logistics planning, requirements determination, policy standards/procedures development, long-term reliability and maintainability, training, privatization and outsourcing

Modeling & Simulation - M&S and War-game Planning, characterization, analysis and policy development, development of M&S verification and validation plans and procedures, developing and maintaining force effectiveness models, assessing effectiveness of C4ISR models, development Support and maintenance of TMD System Exerciser (TMDSE), support of Cooperative Air and Missile Defense Exercise Network (CAMDEN).

Navy Support -  written operating procedures for U.S. Navy nuclear powered submarine propulsion systems, and have a sought after SME in submarine system and component arrangement for operator accessibility.  Our personnel have coordinated and supported survivability (underwater shock) testing of submarine propulsion components, including diesel engines, air compressors, evaporators, lubricating systems, propulsion plant and individual systems.  We also have extensive experience working with Navy and civilian shipyard workers during submarine maintenance and overhaul periods. Established a broad knowledge of design, installation, operation and maintenance of submarine Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical (HM&E) equipment gained through extensive military experience, as well as system design, construction, testing, operation, maintenance, and enhancing platform survivability.  Consulted on the installation of the first satellite communications antenna in the mast of a U.S. submarine.  Demonstrated innovative DC fluid filtration equipment for the cleaing of controls for the mast and bow/aft control surfaces.

Program Management  -  all aspects of individual projects for the life of the project.  Lead and direct cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget and scope.

Risk Assessment  -  determine quantitative and qualitative value of risk related to a concrete situation and recognized threat; provide objective evaluation of risk in which assumptions and uncertainties are considered and presented.

Software Development
- designing, coding, documenting and testing systems for strategic target planning; maintaining operational tactical warning/attack assessment software; designing, implementing and maintaining software quality programs; designing, building and documenting workstation-based multimedia presentations; statistically predicting outcomes of strategic attack options.

Systems Engineering - the translation of a system (or subsystem, program, project, activity) concept into a preliminary and detailed design (engineering plans and specifications), performing risk identification/analysis/mitigation, traceability, and then integrating the various components to produce a working prototype, model, full demonstration, validation or preproduction of the system. Typical associated tasks include, but are not limited to, computer-aided design, studies and analysis, high level detailed specification preparation, configuration management and document control, fabrication, system hardware and software requirements, assembly, simulation and modeling, training, privatization and outsourcing.

Systems IntegrationVRI provides systems integration services that enable our clients to minimize risk and maximize technology investments through requirements analysis, planning, design, implementation, and operations; VRI’s experienced consultants focus on delivering business results and performance improvement by bringing complex technologies together to maximize compatibility and interoperability;  we support daily operations of our clients in achieving the integration of architectures by performing technical analyses identifying the risks & benefits to our clients, viable alternatives, risk mitigation strategies, and developing recommended action plans by performing technical analyses, identifying the risks & benefits to our clients, viable alternatives, risk mitigation strategies, and developing recommended action plans.

Test & Evaluationthe application of various techniques demonstrating that a prototype system (subsystem, program, project or activity) performs in accordance with the objectives outlined in the original design. Typical associated tasks include, but are not limited to, testing of a prototype and first article's testing, environmental testing and compliance assurance, independent verification and validation, reverse engineering, simulation and modeling (to test the feasibility of a concept), system safety, quality assurance, physical testing of the product or system, training, privatization, and otsourcing.